Your Money or Your Mai Tai

What some call kitsch, we call history

TableCakes Is a Tiki Family

Between Hadley Meares and Katherine Spiers, someone here is always talkin’ tiki. Here’s a Smart Mouth live show all about mai tais, and here is Hadley’s latest on the topic: How Chinese Restaurants Shaped Tiki Culture in L.A. (Photo: Shane Redsar)

We Have Goals

In 2019, every Millennial and their mother has a Patreon, but Gayest Episode Ever feels no shame in being late to the payment party. Last week, GEE launched a Patreon with the goal of getting enough sponsors to fund a new bonus series that, yes, will be TV-related. The idea is that once the show meets its goal of $500 a month, those who have pledged money on Patreon will unlock a new ten-episode series that you’ll probably like if you’re currently into GEE’s week-to-week deep dive into TV history. You can check out all the payment tiers on the Patreon page, but we’re also into talking with the patrons about what shows they want to hear about in future episodes. And there will be more to come!

We Study Cartoons

Speaking of Gayest Episode Ever, this week, Drew and Glen took a detour away from sitcom history and into the world of cartoons — specifically cartoons from the 1980s, and specifically those that kids like them experienced a little differently from other children. Yes, we’re talking He-Man, She-Ra, Jem and the Holograms and ThunderCats, but also some deeper cuts that you maybe never considered in the context of gay culture. The special guest for this animated talk is Ted Biaselli, director of original series at Netflix, who’s had a hand in GLOW, A Series of Unfortunate Events and more, and who probably has a deeper knowledge of cartoons than anyone you’ve ever met. Have a listen to the episode, and no worries if you’re not an ’80s baby: there’s also a visual guide so you can see what the hell they’re talking about. (And no worries if cartoons aren’t your thing. Last week’s episode was about The Golden Girls, with special guest You Have to Watch This Movie host Tony Rodriguez.

We Know L.A.

Hadley also wrote about Koreatown and Elizabeth Taylor this week. (Two separate articles this time, but you never know!)

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