'00s Nostalgia, Apparently

Telephones and TV shows

Hello all! Please forward this to anyone who's in the media sphere and/or is looking to get into podcasting. If all goes well, we’re going to have gigs for more people this year. Onto the news!

You can now call TableCakes! Yes, that seems like a rather 1994 method of communication for a cutting edge podcast company like ours, but it also happens to be the easiest way to hear your voice on a future episode of on of our shows. To leave us a voicemail, call (209) 566-CAKE. Our shows are going to be asking for your input. For example, Sam Pancake Presents the Monday Afternoon Movie is asking for fans of made-for-TV movies to call in and share their memories of their favorites. We want to do an episode in the future where we play those messages and Sam responds. But you can literally call about anything: any show you like or TableCakes in general. Seriously. Leave us a message.

TableCakes is now on YouTube! Though most people enjoy podcasts via a phone app, there's a chunk of the podcast-hungry population who likes to burn through a YouTube playlist of episodes. This week, TableCakes posted a smattering of our favorite episodes in video form. You can watch them if you want ... but know that they're just the logo for whatever show you're listening to. But pop on one of our playlists and let it run while you do whatever else someone does on a personal computer. Please subscribe, as more episodes will be uploaded soon, and also this will be where you'll see new TableCakes video content. Check it out.

What We’re Up To

Los Angeles historian Hadley Meares, whose TableCakes podcast will debut this spring, is hosting a walking tour of “the American Riviera,” “Rolls Royce Row,” the “Gold Coast” - Santa Monica’s legendary, star-studded beach community. Tickets here.

Hadley also has two new articles out: one for CurbedLA about an amazing woman who led the fight against L.A.’s restrictive housing covenants,  and one for LAist about an influential cook who made his name working for the Pullman Company.

Los Angeles magazine digital editor Gwynedd Stuart, a new member of the TableCakes family, just started a Sex and the City trivia night - it returns on March 12 after a BIG (get it?) turnout in February. More information can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Free to play and there are prizes!

And if that wasn’t enough proof that SATC had a lasting impact, Katherine Spiers guested on High & Mighty, a HeadGum podcast, to talk about … Sex and the City. You can listen to it here. (Katherine’s a Miranda. Just trying to get through the damn day.)

Have a fun weekend, and don’t forget to call! (209) 566-CAKE.